How do I backup my site?

Login to your Control Panel, and click on the "Backups" icon. From here, you're going to want to click the button that says "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup."

Depending on how big your site is, this could take a minute to 15 minutes. We recommend you select the option that will notify you via e-mail once your backup is complete. Once your backup is complete, you'll go to the same area to find the download link to your backup file.

When your backups is done downloading, don't forget to remove your backup from the server! Backups count towards your disk space and you will run out of space fast if you don't remove them.

To delete your backup from the server, go to your Control Panel, and click on "File Manager." You'll want to select the "Home Directory" from the popup window. From there, click on your backup file once and click on the Delete button on the top of that page. 

Your backup is now deleted off the server and you have a backup downloaded to your computer. 

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