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Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS). Our company will make sure that Drupal and its modules will run smoothly on our servers! Thousands of Drupal clients depend on THCServers.com rock-solid hosting services to keep their sites up and running.

  •    Free Drupal Install
  •    Free Drupal Migration
  •    Drupal Autoupdates
  •    Exploit Scanner
  •    Active Drupal Firewall
  •    Server Level Protection
Drupal Hosting

Plans start at 1.95 $/mo

SSD Based Hosting

Easy new Drupal launch

  • 1-click Drupal installation
  • Latest stable Drupal version
  • Free template & installation from our support

Free transfer, no hassle

  • Transfer existing account for free
  • Performed by our Drupal experts
  • No downtime for your website
drupal hosting


Our AutoUpdater will keep your Drupal protected at all times.
drupal hosting

Exploit Scanner

This active scanning can help prevent exploitation of an account by deleting or moving suspicious files to quarantine before they become active.
drupal hosting

Server Level Protection

If a major Drupal vulnerability appears, we develop & apply fixes.
cheap drupal hosting

Account Isolation

Your website will be safe even if there are vulnerable accounts.
cheap drupal hosting

Mod_security Protection

Protects your website from know types of hack attempts.
cheap drupal hosting

Active Firewall

Firewall controls exactly what traffic is allowed in and out of our servers and can protect your site from malicious attacks
cheap drupal hosting

Top Hardware

Latest & best technology used. Databases stored on faster disks.
cheap drupal hosting

Optimized Database & Setup

Optimized servers for fast database access.
cheap drupal hosting

Drupal SuperCacher

Dynamic caching optimization and fast access time.
cheap drupal hosting
cheap drupal hosting

Special Drupal Expertise

We are training our staff to provide support for all hosting plans. Our experts are able to provide help not only with the application itself, but for all hosting related problems.

Fast & Easy Contact 24/7

Our support is always there for you on live chat and ticket system, with an average of 10 min first response on tickets, waiting time won't be a problem. Just feel free to contact us anytime you want, and we will make sure that your problems will be resolved.

We offer 99.99% UPTIME

A web site with 99.99% uptime is down 52 minutes a year, 26 seconds a month, 6 seconds a week. We offer the 99.99% because we reserve a small time for new software installation or upgrade and server reboot.

  •    Data centers on three continents
  •    Setup with focus on speed & security
  •    Account isolation for security
  •    Cutting-edge technology on all hosting plans
  •    24/7 proactive uptime monitoring

cPanel Daily Backups

You can do your own backups from the cPanel account any time you want, but rest assured because your website is safe due to our RAID 10 backup configuration and daily external servers backup .

  •    Website daily backups
  •    RAID 10 hdd configuration
  •    External FTP backup
  •    100% failsafe systems
  •    24/7 proactive monitoring

Security to the max

Our powerful servers are optimized to ensure the best protection for your website. Servers are carefully optimized and have the best setup to provide a reliable security and protection for the clients.

  •    Active File Scanner
  •    Automatic Virus Detection
  •    Automatic file quarantine
  •    Manual Site Scanner from cPanel
  •    24/7 proactive monitoring
Cheap Drupal Hosting Services Done Right!
  •     1-Click Easy Install With Softaculous
    Setup wizard with 1-click installation provided Softaculous. You do not need advanced knowledge to install the Drupal script.
  •     Autoupdater for Drupal & Its Plugins
    To make your website more secure we activate our Autoupdater for each instance installed through our systems.
  •     Drupal SuperCacher
    The SuperCacher dynamic cache option makes your Drupal faster and is included in all our hosting plans.
  •     Latest & secure versions of Apache, MySQL & PHP
    Our servers are up-to-date on all important software including Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  •     Easily Customize: Plugins & Widgets
    Plugins and Widgets are easy ways to add functionality to your Drupal website without needing to know how to write computer code.
  •     WP-CLI Pre-Installed
    All accounts have pre-installed WP-CLI interface which helps you update Drupal, install themes, plugins etc. from the command line.